On this page are some examples of how Yoga can be made accessible to a range of student ability. Because I keep my classes small, I am able to give this level of attention to all my students when it is required.

The photos show how my students are encouraged to adapt postures to suit their individual ability. The aim being to help students find peace and stillness in their work. Also where appropriate, I encourage them to use blocks, belts and blankets as aids to help access the position.

Example 1

In this example you can see students with differing hamstring flexibility using belts to stretch the backs of their legs whilst keeping the rest of the their body at ease.

Example 2

This demonstrates differing arm and hand positions along with the use of wedges and block to ease strain on the back of the rear leg.

Although this is a straight leg posture, you can see a number of students easing their front knee joint to assist in the forward fold.

Example 3

This photo shows a variety of foot and leg positions as well the use of a wall by one student - all to assist in the "Standing Tree" balance.

Example 4

Again students are demonstrating the use of a number of variations to their arms and legs, but still maintaining the intent of the "Eagle" posture.

Example 5

These photos show how students use blocks to support their rear foot.

Example 6

Here you can see students using belts to assist in reaching the "Cow's Head" with their arms.

Example 7

You can see the student in the midground of this picture easing the back of her outstretched leg by using a rolled blanket.

Example 8

In this photo you can see the student using a chair to assist her in the "Camel" back bend.

Example 9

Here the students are using the wall to help them obtain the inversion in a shoulder stand.

Example 10

In this example students are reminded of how to use various supports to help them reduce strain in their joints, so allowing them to obtain a deeper relaxation.

Example 11

In this photo you can see students sitting in a variety of ways whilst practicing the use of mudras (hand gestures). These allow us to explore our ability to control our breath.

With thanks to my students at Norton Disney and to the Village Hall Committee for their help in producing these demonstrations. Photographs by Georgina Wiltshire.