About Yoga and Learning Yoga

Chapter 1 verse 2 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras says

“Yoga is the cessation of movements of the consciousness.”

Put briefly, yoga

“joins and balances those aspects of ourselves (physical, mental and spiritual) to gain inner peace and tranquility.”

Yoga is not a quick fix, neither competitive or a sport. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others in your class, but through yoga you can become physically fitter, mentally more alert and emotionally calmer. Yoga can help you to:

One of the pleasures of yoga comes while you are performing a posture. Don’t worry if it takes time to get it right. Perform the asanas (postures) with keen attention to detail but not with anxiety.

Be gentle with yourself and your progress, noting your greater and lesser successes and looking forward to your next opportunity to perform the techniques. Think more about style than effort; more about elegance than achievement.

Breathing releases inner energy and also stimulates and enriches the blood supply to your body and nervous system. Learn the movement first, breathing just as you need to. Then add the breathing sequence and you will really feel the benefits.

Do not force a position and only hold a posture along as is comfortable. Don’t rush your practice; enter and release from poses slowly. Take time to relax between postures to feel the benefits of the work. Remember to continue breathing when holding postures!!